The Butchery

The Butchery at Teddington's


If you’re looking for a high quality butchery in North Gloucestershire, look no further. Pride of place is our home reared beef from traditional native breeds.

We carry a wide range of meat produce from the Three Counties, which we believe is home to some of the best that Britain has to offer. We even have meats from cattle reared on our own farmland in Knightwick in Worcestershire and just a short drive down the road at Gretton Fields.

To us, good quality meat is all about provenance and flavour. We go to great lengths to ensure that we achieve both.

A butcher carving meat by hand
Meat being kept in a dry-ager

Our premium beef is dry-aged in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, with Himalayan salt blocks. This enhances the flavour to create a ‘king of meats’. Dry-aged meat is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before – the texture is more tender and the flavour is sublime.

Customers are free to select their joint and chose how long they would like it aged.

Our poultry comes from free range farms. It doesn’t shrivel or shrink when cooked – it’s succulent and full of flavour. That’s because it’s from slow growing breeds, traditionally reared, allowed to mature naturally.

In season (September/October to February), we also sell pheasant and partridge from the neighbouring shoots.

In addition to our renowned butcher’s counter, we also have a selection of sliced meats for sandwiches and for a charcuterie platter, complete with flavoursome cheeses. And when it comes to having the family round for a Sunday roast, we have various sizes of roasting joints, so there will be plenty for everyone.

We also have different steak cuts, including fillets, sirloins, rib-eyes, rumps, T-bones / porterhouse, and tomahawks, prepared by the team ready for you to take home. And let’s not forget our own homemade burgers from our own cattle, or our succulent sausages for bangers and mash.

It can be difficult to know how much meat you need, or which cut to go for. Our butchers will give you as much advice as you need to help you make your choice, so that everyone is happy!

Meat hanging by an outside cooker

For us, fat equals flavour. Unlike mainstream supermarkets, we don’t trim the fat from our meat, as this is what gives it its taste. Retaining the fat also preserves the quality of the meat, ensuring it won’t deteriorate as it ages. And of course, you don’t have to eat the fat!

An English Longhorn bull

Our native cattle is reared at our farms in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. We raise native breeds, including Herefords, Anguses, and our crown jewel, the English Longhorn. Our beef is also served at our restaurant, The Longhorn Bar & Grill close by. Look out for the signage as you pull in towards our car park.

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