Artisanal Market

A tapestry of handmade wonders in Teddington

Discover the charm of an artisan craft market here at Teddington’s, where we bring together talented artisans who pour their passion and creativity into crafting unique items. From exquisite pottery to cozy throws and much more, the market is a true treasure trove, with each item bearing the mark of its creator’s dedication and expertise.

Whether you’re seeking a special gift or hoping to add a touch of individuality to your home, our artisanal market is the perfect destination for those who appreciate the beauty of handmade artistry.

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Unique craftmanship

We take pride in curating a diverse array of locally crafted decorative and homeware products. Celebrating the talent and dedication of local artisans, our collection extends beyond crockery to encompass a spectrum of treasures for your home. Embrace the uniqueness of each item, knowing that behind every creation lies a story and a dedication to the art of crafting exceptional homeware. Explore and cherish one-of-a-kind pieces that infuse character and warmth into your living spaces.

Gisela Graham

Embrace the artistry of home decor with Gisela Graham’s exquisite range of crockery, now available at Teddington’s Artisanal Market. Since 1983, Gisela Graham has been a visionary force, continuously introducing innovative and original concepts to adorn homes and commemorate special occasions.

Elevate your table settings and add a touch of elegance with Gisela Graham’s distinctive crockery, a testament to timeless craftsmanship and artistic brilliance, now awaiting your discovery at our Artisanal Market.

Cotswold Lavender

For the last 30 years, Cotswold Lavender has been harvesting lavender from family-owned farms nestled in the picturesque Cotswolds countryside. This is used in a range of award-winning health and beauty products, which we are delighted to feature in our artisan market.

Perfect as a gift for someone else or for giving yourself a pamper, Cotswold Lavender’s lotions and body scrubs are truly exceptional. And with the family farm just up the motorway from us in Worcestershire, you’ll also be supporting a local brand with a huge reputation.

Fifield Road Apothecary 

Founded by Leslie Jowett Astor in 2018, Fifield Road Apothecary produces artisanal soap, bath, skin and hair care products using plant-based, ethically sourced ingredients. These are made by hand using the traditional cold-press method, using ingredients foraged responsibly from Leslie’s family’s farm in the Cotswolds so you can be sure that you are getting something that has been made with love and care.

Artwork on a wall

Artwork by local artists

Supporting our talented local artists is something we are excited to do. Bring something unique and made with real passion to your living space, from paintings to sketches and even soft furnishings. We are always keen to champion new artists from the Cotswolds and the surrounding areas, so get in touch for more on how to work with us.

Summerdown Mint

From the Hampshire countryside, Summerdown Mint brings a sense of nostalgia through a varied range of mint products including home, body care, and naturally, chocolates! Founder Sir Michael Colman brought the Black Mitcham peppermint variety from America back to the UK, where it was once native, with the aim of cultivating the notoriously tricky herb at his own farm.

Today, under the stewardship of grandson Jo, Summerdown Mint grows around 100 acres of peppermint, with a focus on sustainable farming that we at Teddy’s are fully behind ourselves. It’s a pleasure to have Summerdown Mint products at our store – come and see the range.

A selection of handwash products

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